Building City Now! | BCNow!

Transdisciplinary post-graduate program, accredited by

Barcelona Tech/Univeristat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya

The Program

A collaboration between architects, academics, activists and businesses, with support from European experts, BCNow! is a prototype for an alternative pedagogical approach to transforming the city. It offers a unique methodology for learning and an exchange of tools between and across different professions and backgrounds. It aims at overcoming disciplinary boundaries, social prejudice and individual experiences, which more often than not function as limitations, turning them into points of discussion and research.

BCNow! is geared towards three key sets of skills:

  1. Problem definition = theory (from social to architectural);
  2. Information gathering = research & analysis (specialized methodologies);
  3. Information processing and problem solving = synthesis (results).

It is oriented toward building an operative knowledge of urban reality by promoting a holistic view on the urban situation, and constructing a critical, reflexive understanding of urbanism. By replicating in a single, integrated setting what is going on in the professional world, students learn to understand shortcomings and opportunities of urban locations, to put them in a broader context, and to understand their societal and cultural significance and value.

Program directors

Olga Sezneva, PhD., Sociology
Enric Massip-Bosch
, PhD., Architecture